Successful Cases

Huaxing Roadheader Arrived in Ukraine

With the ending of the installation work of two sets of Roadheaders EBZ200, in the underground of Donbas coalfield, that means, through hard-working and pioneer spirit, Huaxing people have already finished the delivery of the first batch of roadheaders successfully. After one years’ hard work, Huaxing team members finished the development, research and production of the mining equipment, and got the certificates of Mining Safety and Permission of Underground. At first, no matter customers, or other suppliers in this industry, no one believes that we can get it. But now, we accomplished the target successfully. Huaxing people have no exhaustion, but only full of joy and energy.
For Huaxing, this is a great success in the international market in mining machinery industry, with great significance. For the industry of heavy equipment, we show an exemplary role, in the aspect of combination with production and Internet marketing, and the other aspect of learning Iphone company’s experience of“Technology is much more important than assets”.
After that, we get excellent reputation and deep trust in this industry. Because of this, Huaxing International Department get another business, a set of integrated coal mining equipment, value of 23 millions dollar, has already entered the stage of negotiation.