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The case of pump truck main system

On February 19th, 2016, Mr.Yefim, a responsible person in one of construction site in Moscow, said there was some fault phenomenon as below stated when operating our concrete pump truck.

When our concrete pump truck arrived in the construction site, after the concrete pump truck pumping around 40CBM per time, it occurred the phenomena of no pressure for the main hydraulic system but the engine, boom and outrigger can work properly.

Our local technicist have analyzed it on site and found it caused by the main system which can not build up enough pressure. The might reasons as following:
1、Commutation pressure  failure
2、Electrical failure
3、The main  relief valve failure
4、Main four-way valve failure
5、Main oil pump failure

Troubleshooting process:
1、Observe the reverse pressure ranges from 12 to 16mpa, normal.
2、Use multimeter to measure the voltage between line 20 and line 37,test the electric proportional electromagnet with small screwdriver with strong magnetism,preliminary judgment the proportional electromagnet can work properly,DT1, DT3 and DT2 can get electricity normally.
3、When overhaul the main relief valve, find its valve element jammed in the upper position. After grinding the valve core with sandpaper, it is normal to install the main overflow valve.

Speedlane’s engineers solved this problems successfully, our customer Mr. Yefilm is very satisfied with our service.

With own good reputation in the international market, Speedlane strive to achieve the mission, that is: One stop shop in construction and engineering machinery;China Machinery, Global Services!

More details, pls refer to our company’s website We treasure and value every customer and will feedback promptly. 

concrete pump truck

concrete pump truck